About Shafi Inspires International

Shafi Inspires International develops customized training and education solutions for a wide range of clients in several industries. Some of our training solutions have unique or innovative features and learning approaches custom designed to fit client needs, and some are designed to get the job done as cost-effectively as possible.

We specialize in Training and Human Capital Development, for both management and life skills. For this, we have a pool of experts in our faculty –persons with extensive industry experience to cover a range of industries and institutions and with specialisation in specific areas.

We are one of the leading training organization form Malabar, Kerala with a great team of 18 Associate Professional Trainers who are both well experienced and  internationally acclaimed faculties on their expertise.

Training Methodology

Shafi Inspires International has successfully demonstrated to the clients its capability to deliver not only the programs but also the most effective learning plans, specifically designed for them.

The training methodology selected for a training course is critical to the effectiveness of the training program. To assist the participants to absorb and learn in the shortest possible time, we use a careful mix of accelerated learning approaches in all of our training events.

  • Simulations, Games and interactive exercises
  • Stories and metaphors
  • Creative processes & tailored role plays
  • Short, relevant presentations using all sensory modalities
  • Integration of techniques to assist participants in their learning.



Inspires International offers corporate training, HR consulting, and executive career and job search coaching, with the capacity to coach new entrants to the workforce through experienced professionals. Our training methods are capable of producing results in the areas of Customer Sensitivity, Service Excellence, Effective Delegation and Leadership and Managerial Skills.

  • Strategic Business Consulting & Mental  Coaching
  • Professional Training for Employee Skill Development
  • Life Success Coaching Seminars & Public Training
  • Finishing School Program for Colleges