The best theory of motivation for individuals.

Theory of Motivation is the process of individuals behaving with their desires and wishes to achieve a certain goal. when we are hungry, eat sweet, salty, and sour same time our stomach is mixed instead of satisfaction, and discomforts such as stomachache will happen. motivation is a source that the individual feeds while reaching their goal. Being selective and consistent in the selection of this source, just as in our eating habits, will ensure our proper nutrition. In other words, attacking everything while choosing motivational sources creates a feeling of burnout and decreases our motivation instead of increasing, we must explore with a selective and consistent attitude.

What is the theory of Motivation?

The theory of motivation is an identical abstract concept; it has always been a controversial topic. where it comes from or why something should or should motivate. But we know this: motivation plays a huge role in our lives. It is what drives us away from certain goals and others. It energizes us when we feel exhausted and brings out perseverance in difficult situations. We’ve all experienced the feeling of being unmotivated at some point. It is the motivation that determines why you get up in the morning and where your motivation comes from.

Motivation is the reason person takes action. this is defined and desired to drive them and it is inspiring a person to achieve something and occurs when external forces promote to change something. Behavior is used to describe motivation and it is a general term with various definitions.

types of motivation

Motivation provides the strength needed to activate the person that refers to an internal process that moves the individual towards the goal. Motivation includes the biological, emotional, social, and cognitive forces that drive behavior. The term motivation used to describe and understand a person.

For example, a student preparing for the university exam spends most of the day studying to gain a good university. Or starting work with higher performance promoted in the institution works.

Which motivation theory is best?

Motivation psychology has been studied by several theorists who create theories based on their observations of what motivates people’s behavior.

Driving Theory of motivation

Driving theory, based on motivation as a specific amount of energy that can measured, is the motivation to repeat a behavior. Action motivation and punishment avoidance motivation are two aspects of this theory. Drive theorists believed that we needed positive motivation to keep us from being idle, but it was also necessary to provide motivation based on negative factors such as fear or pain to keep us motivated. It assumed the urge could not created through “positive” reinforcement by doing something more attractive than what was already present, but through “negative” reinforcement by removing something undesirable.

Incentive Theory of motivation

Incentive theory argues that intrinsic motivation does not exist in a vacuum. Incentives are an integral part of motivation therefore motivation intrinsically linked to individual’s motivational needs.

The incentive theory of motivation states that people motivated to do something because of monetary rewards i.e., money, etc. He proposes that they will receive some kind of reward or incentive for their actions and that they can buy things they find valuable, such as cars and houses. Giving them what they desire, such as finding a new job or monetary financial motivation. This motivation can also seen today in motivation theory, where an employee’s salary may depend on how well they perform the tasks their employer has set them to do.

Achievement motivation, school studies, social situations, doing sports, etc. It is the motivation that comes from wanting to do your best in everything you encounter in all areas of life, including This motivation may originate from internal sources.

Equity theory

Motivation from the perception of justice or equality; motivate with rewards (positive motivation) and not threatened. It is based on needs; here we need to meet needs such as security, belonging, esteem, and self-actualization, all of which can lead to motivation.

Goal-Setting Theory

The level of goal setting should be challenging enough, if not achieved there may be some disappointment. If motivation is too low, the goal will not perceive as important or desirable. If motivation is too high, performance may suffer due to anxiety and fear of failure.

Behavioral Theory

human behavior conditions show positive and negative to support certain actions being is seen in society employers offering financial rewards for high performance that give good grades when a person performs well on a test.


The best theory of motivation is finding your inner motivation that is the ultimate tool for setting ambitious goals. For digging deep to complete them and for catalyzing real change in your life. When you do that, you make yourself a priority in your life. If you’ve been looking for motivation now is the time to go for it. 

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