How Success Mindset Is Going to Change Your Life

what is the key mindset needed to succeed?

A success mindset is human beings have come with such an open sense of possibilities for those who are committed to being successful with our life whatever we’re doing one important aspect of our life is what we are getting slop in many lines and barriers in our life this happened in our school maybe later in our university later in our work, it’s happening to people or some of them their commitment to success is weak they want to succeed in their life then they will take one or two steps, then something little interesting happens at this point they will go away their commitment to success is weak either situation around them in some way or can be delay softly however it takes a long period of time to success so you must come out of this disease to success in our life.

how to succeed in life?

What does it take for people who struggle with their success to find inspiration for advice on how others can get out the door It is not easy learning new skills when there is so much going wrong that causes them to have trouble and what happened next was even worse?

Success affecting millions of people because they decided their teenage as to what we want to be and do and it’s the same reason why people fail to success is predictable because life is designed for your success, but failure is also predictable because failure is the same result as success as God designed everything he created to be successful you will never see a bird who cannot fly naturally you’ll never see a fish who cannot swim naturally every seed if you put it in the ground and give it water you don’t need to pray it is designed to bring for the tree everything God created has built into it its own success and if the plant is here today and gone tomorrow how much more important you are to God.

What is the truth behind success?

The truth behind success is average human being does not know why they are on planet Earth they don’t know why they exists without a purpose of life has no meaning and has no sense of destiny or sense of precision the average human on earth have no idea about their ability 90% of human population will die and never achieve more than 10% of the true ability this is the frustration of all human every human wants to be successful we have never met any human who said plan to fail tomorrow no human wants to fail its right everybody wants to be succeed their life but nobody want to work for that we have some good news for you note this success is predictable what is our concentration everyone wants to know what is our future where we are going to the next 20 or 40 years what will be ? when? what is our destiny?

What is the purpose of our life?

the greatest tragedy in our life is living without a purpose nothing is worse than being alive and not knowing while breathing oxygen and eating food and getting energy and don’t know why you have it to live for 80 years and still didn’t know why you were here that’s a tragedy your success is important to God needs you to be succeed when discovered this became everybody put pressure on God discovered that God needed me to be succeed because success is built-in to creation by every manufacturer success is important to ever manufacturer who makes the product so the success of the product is necessary to protect the reputation of the company so the worst thing that can happen to a manufacturer is when his product fails his entire reputation and company can be destroyed so, success is necessary for the manufacturer you are a product and the first thing the manufacturer placed on you is his image the manufacturer says let us make a product in our image or come on if you got the image the two hands and shout the first thing he put on you is the most important thing to him his image you are just like the manufacturer that means your failure is bad for God have come with good news you cannot fail anymore God has to guarantee your success not to protect you God has to make sure that the vision he gives you succeeds because his reputation is on the line so when you think God would say these to his people he would say even though you are firm you complain he said will prosper you, restore you, heal you and redeem you no matter where you are right now in your life we promise you and guarantee you that you are coming out of your situation.

How to define your success.

God he is the our manufacturer you cannot fail in your business this is why if he told you to go to university don’t worry about tuition if he told you to build a business you have the ability if he told you have the ability if he told you to go into politics you have the ability if he told you to be a lawyer you have the ability if he told you to be a teacher you have the ability if he told you to build a school you have the ability whatever he told you he will do it for his may somebody scream that’s why it’s important to announce what God told you when you make it public you put pressure on man you got to talk about your vision you got to talk about your dream and tell everybody God told me this and he has to protect his reputation clap your hands and scream so stop being afraid to believe your dream this isn’t your dream is his dream your success is good for God so he has to make sure you succeed that’s why so bold you know when you discover who you are you make an improvement once you can’t pay for stop waiting for money before you make announcements when you tell him it puts pressure on it that’s why no doubt in the next 10 years everything you told your friends that they laughed at will come to pass so the secret to your success is built in God created birds to fly so birds don’t fly his name is in trouble God credit fish to swim so fish can’t swim his reputation is in trouble God credit seeds to bring four trees so if a seed doesn’t bring for a tree God’s reputation is in trouble so God is very wise he built into everything laws to guarantee its success the car that you bought was made by manufacturer the manufacturer built into the car the laws for function you don’t need to pray about what to put in your gas in the intake it’s a law the manufacturer says you shall use unleaded gasoline only he didn’t ask your permission he billed the law into the car and when it comes to you with the laws built-in now if you decide you like orange juice and you’re going to put orange juice in your car because you like orange juice then what will be happen the car will be major breakdown then only you accept to the laws of the manufacturer.

Understand the background of success.

God designed a fish to be in water that’s a roll fish will never leave water they are smarter than human birds were designed to fly in the air they will never try to become fish if you put a seed on the ground on the tiled floor in the lobby and leave it there for 50 years it will remain a seed why you disobeyed the law of the seed it needs soil and moisture success rate this down is the result of decisions whatever you are right now you decided to become don’t you blame anyone for your particular right now success is a result of decisions failure in life is the result of decisions whatever you decide determines your destiny in other words everyone becomes what they decide to be if you don’t know where you’re going you’ll do anything with your life purpose brings discipline a true friend is one who can help you get to your destiny anyone who will help you get to your destiny so if anyone wants you to do anything that stopped you from your destiny that’s not a friend that’s an enemy decisions determine success she gave you breath to succeed he wants you to succeed more than you want to succeed for his name sake and God is faithful to the vision he put in your life he is faithful to it because he needs you to be succeed for his reputation your future is God’s past God’s plan for your life is already finished god never begins until he’s finished God says I know the plans I hope for you already plans to what prosper you and not to harm you plans to give you a hope and a future I know your plans already God already finished you before he started God says remember this put it in your mind and don’t forget it now three of those sentences need the same thing whenever God says something three times it’s the most important thing it’s the same word as verily he says remember this fix it in your mind do not forget it same words I am God and there’s none like me and says I set your end before I begin you and then at the beginning he says I make known at the beginning your end that’s why as a child you were dreaming all the time that was your destiny this is why you get big dreams those dreams real don’t ever judge your destiny by the location of your birth stop feeling bad about yourself stand up straight spray your shoulders go to work tomorrow walking like you are a winner dressed like a winner talk like a winner no one put God first put God first in everything you do everything that you think you see in me everything that I’ve accomplished everything that you think and I have a few things everything that I have is by the grace of God understand that it’s a gift years ago just this past we were flunking out of college we were sitting in our mother’s beauty parlor and we are looking in the mirror and we see behind our this woman under the dryer and every time she looked up she every time we looked up she was looking at me in the eye we didn’t know who she was and she said boy you were going to travel the world and speak to millions of people but that’s not the most important thing the success that we have the most important thing is that what she taught us and what she told us that day has stayed with us since we have been protected, we have been directed we have been corrected we have kept God in our life and has kept us humble we don’t always stick with him but he always stuck with us so stick with him in everything you do if you think you want to do what you think we have done then do what we have done and stick with God.


Everything created and designed by manufacturer to succeed either nobody wants to be failure on their creation’s success is predictable and failure also so we want work hard for achieve our desires believe in yourself and you are the leader of your life.   

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