What is the simple factor of Self-Motivation?

Self-motivation make us believe we can do it. how to create an impulse that will affect us positively? How can we make our motivating thoughts stronger than discouraging ones? How can we be brave without an outside voice?

7 Ways for Self-Motivation

Here are 7 ways to gather your courage. you can reach your goals in life and overcome difficulties.

1. Internal Dialogue

If we want to admit that not every thought is true, we need to develop a healthy internal dialogue. We need to identify which thought is holding us back and which one is bringing us closer to our goal.

2. Be Aware of Your Mood

We have many different moods, some constructive and some destructive. Being compassionate with yourself helps in tough times; you know what helps when making decisions. You can also do exercises that will connect the mind and body. For example, yoga and mind-freeing.

3. Shift from Thoughts of Obligation to Thoughts of Determination

How many of your sentences contain “I have to…”? Now is the time to decide and turn it into “I will”. If you make a list of what you must do, you will find that these are the rules that you created yourself, that are not so necessary in the routine.

4. Work on Your Values

Personal values ​​are decisive and guide in your life. If they move you, they’re powerful. Have a balancing and empowering value for every discouragement.

5. Develop a Positive Learning Attitude

We are all human. If what you want is self-motivation, an obsession with being perfect will have bad results in the long run. If you have a positive attitude to learn then you will find that mistakes are also part of the process. Learn and apply. By recognizing that you are not perfect, you go further.

6. Work to Be Good

When you work to be good, you will be satisfied and achieve your own goals without comparison. You don’t have to compete with others. You will be fine every day little by little. Demanding but understanding.

7. Trust and Believe in Yourself

Start to trust yourself. Just because you failed at something you tried in the past doesn’t mean you can’t do it now. Believe in yourself and do it the way you know best.

Self-motivation is in the person. It is built on all our strengths and values. Don’t give up right away after the first time, the second, or the third. Every step on the way means you get closer to improving yourself. Don’t underestimate yourself. You can always make mistakes but try to learn from them. If you turn bugs into powerful features, you’ll be happy.

Motivational Quotes or words have an important place in providing motivation. You can write your favorite motivational words on a small piece of paper and hang them where you will see them every day or you can set a motivational post or wallpaper on your smartphone more often you can read them.

We all know what we need to do to increase our motivation. There are methods and ways that we create ourselves. But the real trouble comes not from not knowing, but from not being able to apply them. We have experienced in our own lives that just knowing is not enough to be motivated.

Our aim here is to talk about how we can start from what we know and put it into practice.

1-) Self-Motivation methods

There are internal and external factors that affect motivation. Internal factors: Personal factors such as individual goals and intentions, biological and psychological needs, self-confidence, risk-taking, coping with anxiety, curiosity. External factors: Environmental factors such as the expectations of the society and family, reward and punishment systems, applied teaching models, and the tendencies of the friend environment.

2-) Things done to self-motivation and not being able to provide stability

Needs are deficiencies that arise as a result of the deterioration of physiological or psychological balance. The person is not motivated until these deficiencies occur. Motivation is the impulse or driving force that explains the reasons for certain behaviors of the people and results in the behavior.

Needs, expectations, goals, and desires vary from person to person, but in proportion to their importance of motivation be different from person to person. One of the main reasons for not being able to start the diet we mentioned in the attention sentence is that the person does not know himself. When the individual knows himself well, he knows his needs and expectations and discovers the right motivation source for him. The biggest reason for the instability in individuals is that they do not know themselves. At the same time, the person must first develop positive feelings about himself. If it takes its motivation source only from environmental structures this will cause instability and a decrease in motivation. Then first we need to provide our soul which is our inner motivation with our way of thinking.

Activate external sources of self-motivation.

In recent years we often see or hear that university graduate students work for very small salaries. At work, these young people spend their knowledge effort and time. In return, the low salaries they receive reduce their motivation for the job, and this time they may prefer a company that does not have their field but gives a higher salary (motivation source) to get a higher salary. Because the source of motivation here changes between work-effort-success-salary.

A teacher entering the class asks all his students to concentrate on the lesson with great attention. In return for this expectation, he only uses projection as a lecture method. Students get distracted after a while. Here if the teacher makes a video visual material game or activities that will increase the self-motivation of the student that can attract the attention of the student will participate not only in that classroom but also in the next lesson in a motivating way.

Being able to do something with pleasure depends on our internal motivation and is fed by external motivation sources. The power that comes from us and the sources of motivation we discover from the outside will direct us to do that job in the best way. In this case when you are not motivated first turn to yourself then evaluate the environmental factors and find the power that will motivate you.


As you have seen from this post when you discover how your self-motivation style works you can activate it whenever you need to. You can find the determination to start or finish things. And you become more reliable, creating a life where you regularly do what you say you will. And those are the ingredients that help you take control of your future. 

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