Do you want to be an Expert and Live a Happy Life?

We also provide Expert Coaching and Life Success Coaching for Individuals, who really want to build a dream career and fulfilling lifestyle. We transform ordinary individual into expert in his/ her own areas of expertise. We can bring out the best in you which you are never be able to bring out by yourself.

Candidate Coaching

Candidate Coaching is a tactical, market-based career course especially designed for job seekers. Our special courses will help job seekers to prepare in every way to find the suitable job for them. Our program helps candidate to know more about corporate culture and working atmosphere.

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Finishing School Project for Colleges

We design unique and customized finishing school program for colleges to enhance the employability skills of students. In India, studies shows that, only 2% of the students get placed in fortune five companies or in a dream career. In order to make sure that all of the students get placed, we need to

Professional Coaching

This training is designed exclusively for professionals to get their career dreams fulfilled. It teaches how to get promotions and rewards without losing their ethical and moral values. It also teaches them how to achieve their financial and career goals. This program will guide the candidate to discover techniques enable them to excel and balance their personal and professional life. More over our program helps candidate to acquire specific productivity skills in administration with absolute stress free mind.

Expert Coaching & Counseling

Whether you want to be a famous singer, a professional athlete, model, a speaker, an actor etc… it’s not an Himalayan task to be an expert in an area of your excellence. By finding out what stirs your soul, we can easily package and promote your expertise to make millions. Its not only about making a lot of money and going big but it is also about fulfilling your life’s purpose and living your own dream life. To make your crazy dreams possible, you need a personal coach. And Shafi is here to help you