How to Remote Working Teams To Be More Active?

Remote working in this pandemic almost companies have the opportunity from largest to the smallest switch to working from home.

employees Corporate and venture companies to get efficiency from the work done and trying to develop methods to demands.

Team leaders strive both to maintain team motivation and to ensure that business processes continue in their normal flow.

companies plan to continue the remote working or working from home opportunity. the current period, some are constantly working from home, some are from the office, and some are working on a rotating basis.

the agenda of many companies nowadays is how to motivate those remote working from home and how to provide team spirit in this order. In this article, we have listed tips to increase the motivation of remote working teams.

1 Benefiting from Online Training for Their Professional Development

Within the needs of your institution, you can determine the necessary in-house training for personnel development and provide online training that will increase personnel motivation and performance, supporting the development of your employees and increasing their commitment to work and their willingness to work. Such low-cost investments reinforce both efficiency and a sense of belonging.

2 Create Your own Remote Working Environment

One of the important points for staff productivity in remote working is to create a special work area at home, other than the common area, as when they are working in the office. Inadequate workspaces, as well as responsibilities at home, cause disruption and disorder for employees. Managers need to consider these distracting elements in the remote working process. All the technological and ergonomic solutions they will need should be provided as much as possible

3 Controlling your Remote Working Routines

While the management part is concerned about whether the employees can work efficiently or not, the employees are also worried about not getting enough support from the managers. First of all, it is important to know exactly what work the employees in the team are engaged in. There may be more flexibility in remote working, and it will be easier for managers to create a sustainable system by taking advantage of the possibilities of technology in terms of evaluating the work done. With the routine checks made by phone calls, messaging or video calls, the support that the employees expect in the confusion of thought will be met. while remote working Exchange of ideas and feedback will keep employee motivation high.

4 Online Chats on Non-Work Issues

Employees may begin to lose their sense of belonging due to long-term remote working. Keeping team members in touch with each other will be an effective aid in teamwork. Organizing meetings where it is forbidden to talk about business in certain periods and to meet the communication needs of people will contribute to efficiency. These video meetings will also eliminate the feeling of not belonging that occurs in remote workers.

5 Executive Motivation Support

Employees may experience unhappiness and reluctance about work, thinking that their work is not seen. For this reason, regression in remote working speeds and a decrease in efficiency may occur.

Recognizing the involvement of everyone in your team at their work, expanding their success, giving positive feedback, and inspiring the entire team will distress the employees. Showing your employees that you trust and value them will help them stay motivated.

Give your employees Multi Gift Corporate Gift Cards so they can spend as they wish at contracted stores.

6 Don’t Care About Clothing

Although not having to dress appropriately for remote work is seen as a comfort for those working from home, it affects people psychologically. Even if they are at home at the beginning of the working hours, instead of working in sleepwear, dressing daily in a way that will make them feel comfortable but goodwill enables them to work more effectively. It is a detail that should be encouraged in terms of employee motivation.

7 Paying Attention to Remote Working Hours

Making the necessary preparations before the shift starts will make you feel ready to work. No matter how often you take a break during remote working hours at work, it should be continued at home in the same order. Without the comfort of being at home, working hours should be made into rules that should be given importance both as an employee and as a manager, and they should be worked accordingly.

8 Caring for the Health of Employees

It should be reminded that the first and primary purpose of remote working from the home system is to protect the health of the employees. Periodic health screenings should be done and necessary information should be repeated frequently about paying attention to hygiene rules. Expressing that their health is important to you will make them feel good and increase employee motivation.


Remote working with the pandemic after the crisis, some companies plan to continue the remote working or working from home opportunity opened globally this way you can make your suitable working hours independently with your loved one.  

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