How to care for a money plant or Platanus.

Money plant according to popular belief, proper care of the pleural effusion at home ensures that the money will never run out. True or false, we use the following keys to keep your diversity intact.

In addition, we present some of its most interesting items and an easy way to enhance them.

A money plant or Plektoranthus is a plant that, if well cared for, is said to have no shortage of money at home.

True or false, we leave it to your choice, and undeniably it is a very interesting plant and is characterized by different varieties.

Because of their shape and growing pattern, many of them are hanging plants.

In this way, it is most desirable to have hanging baskets so that our terraces and balconies can be beautifully decorated.

Money Plant Care

it is a simple plant that, in principle, does not require special care. You should moisturize once a week and moisturize the underwear slightly.

plant needs light, but no direct sunlight.

During the growing season, it is recommended to apply fertilizer every 15 days. In this way, we will ensure that it is very thick, dense, and has green leaves.

If the leaves of the plant are observed to start turning yellow, it means that it is low in nitrogen and needs to be fertilized.

Although they have very strong growth potential, they need to be protected from the cold in winter.

Varieties of Money Plant

Since all plants belong to the same family, a flower similar to the mint flower develops. However, its interest does not lie in it, but the shade of the leaves.

Another aspect that attracts their attention is the fragrance they give off.

Next, we will show you some species of incense or plectron:

1. Inflammation or pleural effusion

The pungent smell of incense is the hallmark of this diverse money plant (incense is a resin).

It has light green leaves, usually white around the perimeter. As it is a hanging plant, it is ideal to have in hanging baskets.

2. Plectra thus argentites

In this case, this species has silver leaves, which are larger than other species. Thanks to its flora, it is a beautiful and beautiful plant.

3. Frankincense jaundice or fructose colloids Marginate

In this case, this species is a money plant with a variety of leaves.

It has very large leaves, the green color is observed, the characteristic hairy toms, shades of cream or yellow.

4. Plectra thus fruticose

The most distinctive feature of this item is the aroma it gives off. In addition, it has perfectly dark green leaves, which are large.

5. Prefrontal Menthol or Plectra thus Nicolino

This species is a much smaller plant than the rest, and its leaves have a peppery aroma.

In addition, the foliage of this money plant is very characteristic due to its gray color and is also very decorative.

Reproduction of Money Plant or Plectra thus

When reproducing any species of the money plant, we need a glass of water and a branch of the plant.

Money plant stalks take root and develop. If a branch is cut and put in a glass of water, after a few days it will start to grow roots because the stems of the plant will have roots.

Once we have got enough rooted cuttings, we can transplant them and plant them in different pots to grow them.

Rootless branches usually require the removal of their leaves before pruning.

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