Best ways to train your brain for happiness.

Happiness is a practice so, we need to practice pleasure. the natural state of evolution wants to stress and survive. Happiness is not a destination the direction and this is with four pillars that are comforts, contribution, connection, and compassion.

Why invest in happiness?

Investing in happiness does not improve your foundation, it also eliminates the sadness of realizing the negative experiences of your brain.

The brain remembers strong negative experiences rather than positive ones. Change your thoughts and behaviors, and the nature of happiness is to focus on the bad and forget the good.

Pleasure is not happiness


Another interesting factor is that the brain focuses on the negative, and evolution expands your brain and seeks pleasure.

Happiness has no expiration. the ancient wisdom societies have advanced, pleasure is not the means to experiencing a life of fulfillment. It’s not the pursuit of pleasure, It’s the pursuit of purpose.

The pursuit of money or meaning?

Happiness that your brain believes means more money, but it is not from more money. It’s from finding more meaningful your life. You can find joy in your work by discovering a deeper sense of purpose and meaning.

If a change in life can be identified. This will help you to prepare well when you face unexpected challenges in your life.

Happiness is the acceptance of the reality of change. Suffering is the avoidance of the reality of change. putting it exactly, pleasure equals acceptance of the change. Suffering equals resistance to change. 

The happiness calculation:


Rejection from the tribe equals death and a despairing brain. An adaptive strategy type gets passed future generations scenario for your social brain. The brain evolved years to recognize the importance of forming into your safety, security, and stability associated with happiness. The problem again comes when we feel a sense of disconnection, sense of isolation, and sense of loneliness. All this allows you to invest in joy and allows you to invest in a smarter and more prosperous business.

The happiness strategy of comfort.

the fundamental principles about the human brain and how it evolved to harm your happiness. You have found remarkable evidence that the brain is exposed to social consciousness.

The happiness strategy of contribution.

Think of your organization as a powerful tribe in this corporate world. It does not matter you are an assistant to your boss or the factory assembly employee inspecting the product or even the CEO. Everyone in the company has a very specific and unique role to play in the success of the organization regardless of their status.

The second pillar of investing in your happiness is contribution. Contribution is knowing that you are doing an activity, or your sense of purpose is with the community’s contribution. Everyone has a purpose in our life. And this is what we must understand in the workplace. For the success of the organization and increase in revenue and profit. The contributions of everyone in the organization should be recognized.

You need to feel needed


The more you cultivate these pillars is the strategy investing in your happiness.

investing in your bottom line feel that deep primal sense of being needed, this contribution with the tribe. It helps your bottom supports your business, development, flexibility, creativity, and innovation of your mission and vision.

The happiness strategy of connection and age of disconnection

we have devices that connected constantly, but connecting in social media or online isn’t the same as feeling connected in real-time. Let’s face it. Something happens in the brain. This is especially true in the corporate world in a work environment. Feeling a sense of connection to your colleagues, to your co-workers, knowing that you are a part of a trusted team is crucial, not just for your happiness, but also for the bottom line of the company and organization itself.

Recognize the importance of relationships in personal daily life, connect with people, connect with workers, and help you experience our joy. it is the great sense of everything in our world.

Connection to new ideas


it is an important pillar for investing your happiness, your foundation is connected with new ideas, new ideas and new design. It brings ideas. When people come together with new ideas, you get something remarkable taking place Connection generates innovation when we have innovation the business world expands. And we begin to experience a greater sense of happiness.

Compassion creates your happy brain

The social brain regulates doing good when it sees good and doing bad when it feels bad. It is very important to cultivate the pillar of compassion and empathy, benevolence and tolerance build a happy brain. It also helps you invest in your happiness, which eventually boosts the bottom line for your company. To help you apply the pillar of compassion into your life and your business.


Happy brains make happy people these four pillars, comfort, contribution, connection, compassion, allow you on an individual level to generate happiness, something even more powerful “Happy brains, make happy people. Happy people make a happy organization. It’s all starts with you.” If you start to apply these pillars on a structural level, the company to experience a greater increase in its bottom line, creativity, innovation, prosperity, and growth. Remember Happy brains make happy people. Happy people make a happy enterprise. Happy enterprises make a happy world. It all starts with you. Stay happy and motivated.

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