How to make good decisions more clearly and easily.

The dynamics of the business world are often ungrateful, and all managers and entrepreneurs need to know how to make good decisions in the short term.

This makes the process difficult and stressful, especially when the decision involves other people and can have large-scale effects.

Making good decisions requires a lot of preparation and security. Our choices should always have a positive impression.

we have brought you some propositions that can help you in the method of how to make good decisions to make it stronger and easier.

Why we can make good decisions be such a hard thing?

Making good decisions is a struggle that we all go over in our lives and many of us in our work routine.

The excellent between the decisions of ways to follow suggests conflictive progress in which it is essential to balance the positive and negative impacts. You often must choose between the rational and the emotional.

During the day, we make various decisions, from what clothes to wear to more significant ones such as what career to pursue at university, buying a good, or starting a project at work, among others.

Naturally, more complex decisions tend to generate greater stress, as they have a larger-scale impact.

It is difficult for most people to make good decisions because we generally must choose between one option or the other. And it is this intelligence of damage when we need to pleasure only one side, that creates much of the difficulty.

All these problems are related to not applying a method to help in the process of how to make good decisions.

What happens is that without being able to compare the available options, people tend to block themselves and do not get to choose correctly and rationally.

How to make good decisions?

The process of making good decisions must be thought, above all, rationally, using steps of comparison and analysis that help us during the moment of choosing. With this in mind, we have presented 11 actions that can help you make good decisions.

we have listed 11 actions that can help you make good decisions more easily.

1. Identify the problem

the method of how to make good decisions is to recognize the problem. In general, we must choose from the options available when there is a problem to solve, especially in the business world.

So, knowing exactly what you are dealing with is essential.

2. Understand your options for good decisions

By identifying the problem, it is easier to analyze the options that can be followed.

Try to coldly verify which are the available paths, considering mainly the values ​​spread in your business and the impact of each possibility.

3. Gather information

the expression which means to decide without any basis. We use it when we choose a path without knowing what will happen, although even if the future is undefined, we can always arm ourselves with as much information as possible, making the choice much safer and more correct.

4. Know the possibilities of good decisions

You already know the problem; you have already thought about the available options and you already have the information at hand. Now is the time to analyze the possibilities considering each of the options.

It is at this moment that we observe the unfolding of our decisions, verifying the obstacles and possible problems.

By knowing all the possibilities, we plan with greater precision, and we can even create alternatives if our first choice was not the most favorable.

5. Know your skills

In both the personal and business worlds, it is essential, to be honest when analyzing our capabilities.

Choosing a particular path also depends on the skills we must deal with the effects of that decision.

For companies, this can be translated as availability of resources, production capacity, customer service, etc.

A company that manufactures uniforms for football clubs may have to decide, for example, whether it will seek to establish a partnership with a large entity in the sector.

Thus, it will be necessary to weigh the own capacity to produce and serve considering the risk of not being able to satisfy the demand and, consequently, failing in the undertaking.

6. Don’t be impulsive

Impulsiveness is one of the biggest enemies of good decisions made. As you may have already noticed, the process should be done calmly and attentively, gathering all the available information, and making a careful analysis of the possibilities.

If we are impulsive, we are prioritizing our emotional side. Thus, you must pay close attention, because, although something may be a good choice in some cases, it will be less likely to work, since it will not have been a choice based on analysis techniques.

7. Set deadlines

Depending on the choice you must make, you may be putting it off again and again.

This makes us give in to the need to choose impulsively when it is no longer possible for us to procrastinate. Therefore, always define a deadline for making good decisions, respecting it, and planning accordingly.

8. Use your experience

Experience is an aspect that must be considered when making good decisions. We can use situations from the past as examples of what to do in the present.

As much as the decisions are not always the same, with experience, it is possible to predict some aspect of what will happen from our choices.

9. Test

Whenever possible, feel free to test the results of your choices.

 Testing on a small scale is also a great way to understand how the decision may influence your business or your life in the future.

10. Limit your options

When we think about the options available when deciding, we can find a wide set of options, something that makes the task more difficult instead of helping us.

Therefore, analyze the possible paths well and try to limit your options as much as possible, eliminating those that can hardly bring you positive results.

11. Align the decision with the values

Finally, a very important point is to make good decisions in a way that is always aligned with the values practiced by your company or also by you in the personal sphere.

This means that you often don’t have to consider some options, especially when they damage your principles.


How to act reasonably? The process of how to make good decisions is complex and involves several aspects. It is essential to know how to analyze the possibilities plan calmly and pay attention to the details.

After all, decisions can also impact the lives of other people, making our responsibility that much greater.

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