What we do in General

Hi friend… this is me Shafi Mohammed Let me tell you about what kind of help we can do for you.

Me and my team develop customized training and education solutions for a wide range of clients in several industries. Our training solutions have unique, innovative features and learning approaches custom designed to fit client needs, designed to achieve target with optimum economy factors.

Are you really happy with the performance of your team?


Are you really happy with your Current Business Growth?

We offer Professional Training, Strategic Consulting and Executive Career Development Programs for Business People and Organizations. We have a dedicated team of faculties to coach you and your teams. Our training methods are well designed to produce results in the areas of Customer Sensitivity, Service Excellence, Effective Delegation, Leadership and Managerial Skills

We can serve your business by providing these services.

1.Employee High Performance Coaching

To make your entire team into fully charged work force we have unique high performance coaching programs available. We offer both individual day training sessions and long term training programs to improve the skills and performance of your work force. It includes Key Note Presentations in to a Half Day/ Full Day Motivational Training Session

  1. Psychology of Success(Download the pdf)
  2. Sales2.0(Download the pdf)
  3. High Performance Selling(Download the pdf)
  4. Ultimate Professional Coaching Program(Download the pdf)
  5. Inspiring Employee (Download the pdf)

2.Leadership Coaching

We coach leaders to become world class managers and top level CEOs with the ability to review, inspire, focus, direct and regularly recharge the energy of those they lead. We help them to become the best leaders who can see the best in their people and develop them. The leaders will learn 365 unique and powerful ways to motivate and reward their subordinates. They will also learn how to apply Effective Delegation and Leadership and Managerial Skills

3.Business Coaching & Strategic Consulting

No matter how successful you are as an entrepreneur, you really need a personal coach for your further growth. You are the player in the field and you can’t observe your performance than an outside personal coach. Shafi’s uniqueness is he has the ability to bring out the best in you. As a personal coach He is the best, that’s what his clients say.

Sometimes the ideal career path is your own business. You can have both money and joy as an entrepreneur by focusing on work that you love and charging what you’re worth.  You don’t need to invest large sums of money or take large risks to get started.

We specialize in coaching aspiring entrepreneurs to launch a business and experienced entrepreneurs to grow a business. We focus on working with entrepreneurs because we believe people are more entrepreneurial than they realize and would flourish if they embraced this opportunity for themselves.

a. Business Next Level

b. Super Entrepreneur

c.  Ultimate Business Mastery

4.Culture Building Program for Companies

We partner with organizations to help them more effectively meet the core needs of their employees, to ensure they are fueled, engaged and inspired to bring the best of themselves to work every day. We bring a fresh and innovative approach to consulting services. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of every client by offering outstanding customer service, increased flexibility, and greater value thereby ensuring that our clients receive the most effective and professional service.

We are undertaking the process of transforming your workforce entirely into a professionally cultured and talented workforce with commitment and loyalty. We take the full responsibility and commitment to make it possible the required transformation. You can expect very informal and friendly relationship from us with professional way of delivering services which makes our communication easy.

How the Transformation is going to last?

To make a lasting change in a person’s life, what we do is we make sure that the required change is becoming a part of his habit and character. To make any new change in a person’s habits, we put some rituals in to his daily routine. We will design a simple daily routine system to make sure that every employee goes through a set of daily routine of activity to get best productivity from them.

  • We will build a new culture in your organisation by creating daily routine system.
  • We will co-create a new but simple system of working routine with the help of office management to improve employee’s performance and loyalty.

Brief info about the content of The System

1. Daily Briefing on every morning or beginning of the shift

2. Daily Performance Appraisal System

3. Daily gratitude and forgiving system

4. Weekly Performance Appraisal

5. Award Ceremony

6. Leisure or Tour Package

7. Performance Bonuses

8. Birth Day Party Celebrations

9. Special Occasion Celebrations