How Artificial Intelligence Can Increase Your Profit.

Do you want to become an Artificial Intelligence (AI) developer and don’t know how to start? Learn how to achieve it in this post

As technology continues to reach new frontiers, we find better ways to make our lives easier. One of the most exciting and progressive fields to study in technology is the development of artificial intelligence (AI). If the idea of programming a machine to perform complex tasks excites you, a career in artificial intelligence may be worth considering.

Next, we will see what exactly the development of AI is and how you can start making a career in this field.

What is artificial intelligence?

Before you venture out, it’s essential to understand what artificial intelligence means. At its most basic, AI is complex software capable of completing tasks or solving problems.

Artificial intelligence systems use algorithms, such as “machine learning” or machine learning, to collect data. They then use the newly acquired information to learn a specific task and improve over time. The YouTube algorithm is a good example. Its system finds out what kind of content you like and shows you similar videos.

The advantages of programming software capable of learning are endless. However, many experts have also raised questions about its safety and ethical character. These concerns center on the possibility of the program evolving into something much more sinister than anticipated.

Fortunately, we are still a long way from the villainous robots of science fiction movies. That said, the development of artificial intelligence continues to change the landscape of the technology industry, bringing new possibilities to almost every aspect of our lives.

What are the three types of artificial intelligence?


Artificial intelligence is a term that encompasses three different types of machine learning. These are:

Weak or narrow intelligence

General intelligence


Understanding what each of them consists of will help you pursue the right career path based on your skills. But … What is the difference between these three types of artificial intelligence?

For starters, weak artificial intelligence gives the software a limited range of abilities. It is usually goal-oriented and performs specific tasks. We come across this type of technology every day, for example when we use the Internet. Other examples are facial recognition on a cell phone or requesting help from a voice assistant like Siri.

Rather than mimic human behavior, weak AI simulates it based on a limited number of parameters.

In contrast, general artificial intelligence, also known as deep AI, does not have these restrictions. This type of AI programs a computer to replicate human behavior. Collect the relevant data and apply it to solve problems. In addition, the development of this AI contemplates the ability of the software to differentiate the emotions, needs, and beliefs of another living entity. However, scientists continue to investigate this level of artificial intelligence and have not yet managed to achieve it.

Lastly, there is artificial superintelligence. We have not currently managed to reach this level, so it remains hypothetical. Science fiction movies often show this type of AI, where robots are depicted as sentient and malevolent entities.

The goal of artificial superintelligence is to create computers that can be self-aware. Furthermore, these systems would be far superior to the human brain, capable of solving problems that would be difficult for us to understand. Fortunately, we are still a long way from reaching this level of development of artificial intelligence, so there is no need to worry just yet.


What kinds of skills are required to become an AI developer?




Artificial intelligence has become very popular in the last decade. Although it offers plenty of exciting avenues of exploration, it requires a particular set of skills. We are talking about something very complex; If someone tells you that AI is the conversation you have with a robot that welcomes you on a web page, he does not know what artificial intelligence is or what chatbots are. Unlike the latter, the development of artificial intelligence is highly scientific and therefore largely based on mathematics and science.

Most of the professionals in the sector have the following characteristics:

Critical thinking: You never take anything at face value and believe that you need to experiment before concluding.

Natural curiosity: You want to know more, seeking answers by trying out new ideas and listening to different perspectives.

You don’t get simply overcome: Instead of getting unsatisfied, you enjoy the opportunity to solve a problem.

Fan of mathematics and/or science.

Bookworm: To develop your understanding of a topic, you spend many hours reading and researching books and case studies.

If you think you possess these skills, then the AI ​​developer career is for you. However, becoming a professional in this field is not an easy task, so you will have to prepare for a long way.

What do you have to study to become an artificial intelligence developer?

Now that you have a basic understanding of what the development of artificial intelligence entails, it is time to start your career. As in any other field, the first step to working in the artificial intelligence industry is acquiring a suitable degree.

Although there are ways to work in AI without a degree, tertiary education is always more beneficial. Enroll in a bachelor’s degree in subjects like:





Information technology



If you want to be an artificial intelligence developer, you will also have to understand various aspects such as programming languages, web development, deep learning, neural networks, and natural language processing. Each of these topics will help you understand and implement the different facets of AI development.

If you prefer the non-university route, you will have to dedicate yourself to studying on your own. To get started, you will need to learn to write code in specific programming languages. Many experts believe that Python is the best language to learn if you plan to dedicate yourself to developing artificial intelligence.

The next step is to sign up for an online curriculum that teaches artificial intelligence. You can find some basic courses for free, but the most complete ones have an associated cost. If you’re not sure where to start, check the YouTube video. There are many informative and exciting courses available for current and future AI developers.

How much can an artificial intelligence developer earn?




Salary for AI industry professionals varies based on their specific job, experience level, and education. It also depends on whether you plan to work in a company or create your own.

On average, an AI developer can earn up to € 103,000 per year. Again, this amount depends on your role or tasks. For example, a software engineer can expect a salary of around € 82,000 per year, while a chief technology officer can earn around € 134,000 per year.

Do you dare to become an AI developer?

Making a career in the field of artificial intelligence development is not an easy task and requires passion and commitment. You will have to start by training in the subject and mastering its different categories. Afterward, you can find your niche and become a specialist in one of the different categories that you can find in this discipline. Similarly, there are several agencies in Spain specializing in the development of this technology. Contact any of them or place your request to develop an artificial intelligence project here.

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